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We offer guided deer stalking in the UK. We provide deer management services to land-owners. Our sister company, The Selous Gun Company, is a specialist centre for sporting rifles and fine guns.

Frederick Selous 1851 - 1917 Fredrick Selous 1851 - 1917

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Why not join us deer stalking?

Selous Deer Company vouchers give the opportunity to track and observe these wonderful wild animals in the beautiful Dorset countryside.

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Stalking & Hunting

The Selous Hunting Company is our sporting agency business devoted to you, the stalker/hunter.

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Deer Management

We undertake deer management as an integral part of the estate management team.

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Project Consultancy

The deer management role can be undertaken as discrete projects or be the subject of specific advisory work.

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Management Support

Sometimes the workload becomes unmanageable for the resident team, we can provide professional support.

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Deer Seasons in the UK

The seasons vary across species and among regions of the UK. It's important to know the differences before arranging a stalking visit.

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Deer - Biology & Behaviour

There are some 40 species of deer around the world and all share a common biology and similar behavioural characteristics which distinguish them from other mammals. They all belong to the Order Artiodactyla and are of the Cervidae family...

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